About Rex Heat Treat

Who We Are

A family-owned company since 1938, Rex Heat Treat has grown to become a leading heat treatment provider to the U.S. Military, the aerospace industry, the medical industry, the nuclear industry, and more industries across the country. Our unparalleled professionalism and unrivaled customer service have made us a trusted partner for four generations. 

Our company offers more than 30 services, covering everything from austenitizing and carburizing to vacuum heat treatment and cold straightening. To maintain the highest standards, we have a fully equipped metallurgical lab. This diverse expertise allows us to present innovative ideas and ensure top-notch quality and consistency in our work.


Our Mission

We strive to be the heat treater of choice and earn our customer’s trust through our extensive range of services, qualifications, and dedication to continuous improvement. 

Our Culture

We understand our culture is the environment we create through actions. Our 21-step commitment to our team and customers drive us to go the extra mile to deliver excellence.

Our History

  • Pre-World War II (Pre-1940):

    Rex Heat Treat started as a small venture in a two-car garage in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, in 1938.
  • World War II (1940-1945):

    Due to the high demand for heat treating services for aircraft, guns, and hand tools during World War II, the business experienced rapid growth and became a valuable consultant for other heat treaters throughout the United States.
  • Post-World War II (1945):

    J. Walter Rex and his partner Elmer Erb parted ways, and the company was renamed the J.W. Rex Company.
  • 1950s

    Rex Heat Treat purchased fifteen acres five blocks from the original site. Construction consolidated various businesses into one large building, including anodizing and painting with the core heat treating business.
  • Korean War (1950-1953)

    The company experienced a further expansion in manufacturing ordnance components during the Korean War.
  • The late 1950s

     Rex Heat Treat purchased fifteen acres five blocks from the original site. Construction consolidated various businesses into one large building. Anodizing and painting facilities are built during the heat treating division.
  • The late 1950s Continued:

    The company designed and built a unique 20-foot vertical gantry furnace system for heat treating Minuteman and Polaris missiles using salt quench technology.
  • The early 1960s:

    Commercial and ordnance heat treating capabilities were added, and a 10-foot diameter by 30-foot high vertical gantry furnace was built to handle larger missile systems like Titan missile cases.
  • The mid-1960s:

    The company developed manufacturing capability to shear spin missile cases.
  • The late 1960s:

    The focus shifted to heat treating Chinook Helicopter spars measuring 30 feet long for Vertol in Philadelphia as missile-type business declined.
  • 1981

    Rex Heat Treat gained recognition as the 1981 "National Small Business Subcontractor of the Year" for its work with Boeing on hydrofoil foils and struts.
  • The late 1970s - 1985:

    The business expanded with divisions in Conyers, Georgia, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but these divisions were later sold to focus on the expanding business in Lansdale.
  • The late 1980s - 1990s

    The business continued to adapt and expand its capabilities to meet the changing marketplace demands, becoming the largest commercial heat treat location in the Northeast United States.
  • 1999

    The company changed its name to Rex Heat Treat - Lansdale, and in January 2000, opened a new facility in Bedford, Pennsylvania, equipped with advanced heat treating capabilities.
  • 2005

    Rex Heat Treat expanded into Anniston, Alabama, acquiring an existing heat treating facility and offering specialized salt quenching capabilities.
  • 2019

    Commission of the largest Vertical Vacuum furnace in the world.
  • 2022

    Rex Heat Treat sold the Anniston, Alabama plant.
  • 2023

    Rex Heat Treat celebrates its 85th Anniversary.

Rex Heat Treat Today

With the addition of Johnathan Rex, his daughter Zoe Rex, and son J. William Rex, the third and fourth generation of the company continues to seek opportunities for expansion and unique process capabilities in the commercial heat treating market.

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